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Handy, powerful and completely free mobile app for searching for food products containing specific nutrients

Because nutrition content selection is not always easy, right?

The main task of the NUTRI Nutrients and Vitamins app is a simple, quick and at the same time comprehensive search for specific nutrients and vitamins in specific groups of food products.


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Main features

The Nutri app can support the use of almost any diet, including body type diet or diabetic diet. It can also be helpful in scientific work or simply be a source of interesting information. You can quickly find helpful information how to boost metabolism, how to lower blood sugar. You'll find iron reach products and check what foods have fibre. Looking for foods to lower cholesterol? The Nutri app will help too!

In the application you can calculate a carbohydrate exchanger for each product (with a given weight). In addition, for simple (non-complex) products, you can calculate a serving exchanger. It's calculated separately for specific food groups. This information may be especially important for diabetics.

The main emphasis was placed on the simplicity and speed of application operation. Just a few clicks to get complex search results.


Main interface

This is where the program starts. The program menu is grouped into three main thematic groups. Each allows you to search for nutrients contained in food products in different ways. There's also powerful clipboard feature! You can search for products that meet specific search criteria, search for products by name or associated product group, and search by association with the most important (positive) impact on health and body.

Query filter

The specified search criteria lead to displaying a list of the best-matching food products. The list can be further edited by removing the product group from the list or leaving a single group on the list.


Nutrition facts

Each product can be displayed in a form of nutrition facts or as a list of food exchangers. The lists can be edited by changing the product's weight (for some predefined weights are available, eg. 1 teaspoon or one glass). The product can also be added to the clipboard to quickly return to it later or to create a complex list of products and calculate a summary list of nutrients for it. Just like a typical nutrition, calorie or carb counter.

The program takes into account the daily requirement limit (DL) and the maximum daily limit (UL) in relation to the average diet related to the demand for 2,000 kcal per day.

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A few more words about Nutri app idea

Accurate calorie counting is very difficult because the same products available in different places can vary significantly in nutrition content. Therefore, the app is not a typical calorie counter. With the application, you can find out at a general level which product are richer in certain nutrients than others. Such knowledge allows for a better diet composition. This applies to special situations where we have a need for specific ingredients and vitamins.

The application has been designed so that it is possible to search for specific food products according to various criteria. You can include search for products that meet the given criteria (e.g. which products contain the most vitamin C and at the same time the least sodium and calories) and you can also search for names, product groups or basic effects on the body (e.g. products that have a positive effect on the skeletal system or heart). There are many possibilities and the interface is extremely easy to use. Nutrition selection will be much easier!

Additionally, you can save individual products on the summary list and then add them together (then it can work as a typical calorie counter).

Nutrition data come from globally recognized and publicly available USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. We do not use other databases. We focus on reliability and credibility of information. This is a very important factor!

The program has been designed for personal use.

By using the application You should be able to form a habit of proper food selection in relation to the individual demand for nutrients

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