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Compatibility with devices

Nutri will work with a smartphone and tablet running Android (version 7.1 minimum or later) or iOS (version 11.0 or later). 

In general the application was created mainly for smartphone devices. The user interface was optimized with this in mind. But it will work with tablet too.

Does the program require an internet connection?

An active internet connection is required to run ads.

Is the app completely for free?

Yes the application is completely free. No subscription or activation fee required. You can download it from the store for free. Is there a catch? Instead, the app will occasionally show ads. To view them, you need an active internet connection and fees may apply (e.g. from your mobile operator).

Does the program require access to personal data?

NO! Nutri doesn't need any of your valuable private data or access to your contacts. We do not collect any of your data. The only personalization action is related to the ad serving feature for the free version of the program. They can be personalized by internal mechanisms. We only act to display ads. We use a proven agent - Google Ads.

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