• Paul Sikora

Zinc and iron in legumes and legume products?

Why just iron and zinc? Why not;) Iron is a very important ingredient that positively affects our blood, hair, immune system, kidneys and muscle function. Zinc, on the other hand, is an especially important ingredient for cells, hair and tissues.

Suppose you want to find foods that are both high in zinc and iron. Where to look for them? The Nutri Nutrients and Vitamins app is here to help. It provides the functionality of a multi-criteria filter of food products in terms of the content of specific nutrients.

So how to do it? Simply choose 'query filter' option. Let's choose the basic filtering option - max zinc. Then an additional filter - imax iron. In this way, we'll find products from the whole base that have the most zinc and at the same time the most iron - that is, our sought-after nutrients.

As you can see, the list is organized according to the best matching products (per 100 g of product). It can be pre-searched. I was interested in products from the legumes and legume products group (they are generally high on the list). So I click on the selected product and from the additional options I limit the results only to this group of food products.

Finally, I get a list that interests me.

So are these products high in zinc and iron? Let's check. For the purposes of the blog, let's consider a product from the center of the list shown - cowpeas.

As you can see, in a standard measuring cup, i.e. 1 cup, which corresponds to approx. 167 g of the product, there is almost the entire daily requirement for these two nutrients. Of course, in relation to the typical caloric requirement of 2000kcal.

Other legumes and legume products are also rich in zinc and iron. In addition, their consumption will supplement the body with much more necessary nutrients.

If you like the operation of the Nutri Nutrients and Vitamins application, including the ability to quickly find complex information about food products, please download it. The program is completely free (no activation fee or subscription). It is available for iOS and Android. In the download tab you will find links to the respective app stores.

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